capturing beautiful memories

Soulace designs and provides personalised memorial objects.

Capturing memories of loved-ones
In contemporary design icons
For those memories to become timeless…

The essential signature of all our products is a deep understanding how design can deliver solace through beauty…

Personalised objects

Sustainable materials

Local production

Belgian designers

The origin of SOULACE

Maxime Szyf has been creatively inspired by funerals and farewells for some time now. In 2008 he won the Henry Vandevelde Public Award for Soulash: a cremation coffin partly made of cardboard to save energy, but with a focus on a timeless design to offer solace through beauty.

After the death of his own father, he looked for a worthy keepsake to keep his close bond. From this solution - CHESTINE - came the insight to meet a need. Hence SOULACE was conceived and realised as an umbrella brand with clear aspirations:

  • Capsules to retain memories
  • Always personalised for a personal product with personal stories
  • Designed for a contemporary living environment
  • Serene both for interior and exterior - and with a design-conscious target group in mind
  • Sustainably conceived, noble materials and local production
  • Aa curated brand with products from designers from the large network of Maxime Szyf, formerly chairman of the Association of Flemish Industrial Design Agencies (vVio)

Memorial Objects


design Maxime Szyf

Wooden box for ashes canister, as delivered by crematoria. In oak or walnut the box hides a key and a mirrored surface that holds reflections. Personalisation wil be executed on the wooden key with a laser-etched personal message.


design Maxime Szyf

An urn in stainless steel, inspired by a time-glass (time heals all wounds) Timelash contains a part of the ash remains and gives weight to the farewell, but als to the memories. A wooden pedestal will be personalised.


design Maxime Szyf

A commemorative plate in mirror glass for integration in lawns, like a reflecting pond. The mirror will be etched with a personal message, name, date or haiku. A vantage point to experience the past and reflect on the future.


design Michiel Goethals

The Obool is named after the coin that the ancient Egyptians gave their loved ones to guarantee their crossing. The unique combination of bio-based materials creates the iconic urn that can be kept (indoors) or buried, without leaving a long-term residue. The production process is based on zero-waste and is manufactured locally in Belgium by GRiNT.



Belgian design with international allure


Noble materials, local production


Uniquely finished according to your wishes


For interior and exterior


SOULACE will be a physical product company, capturing the memories of departed loved-ones. As a product editor and curator, SOULACE wants to offer contemporary, durable and personalised 'containers' for the contemporary living spaces of families and friends, remembering loved ones, both people or pets…

Products can be personalised and ordered through the online configurator.

Commercial introduction starts early 2023 but pre-orders with personal wishes will be taken. Contact us en we help to you fulfil your need.


Maxime Szyf

Maxime Szyf (°1964) has been a designer from his early childhood.. With over 30 years experience, designing for companies, organisations and entrepreneurs in very diverse fields, he combines insight with innovation, to achieve beautiful solutions with successful ROI (return-on-innovation). He worked as an in-house designer for Samsonite Europe and Verhaert Design&Development, founded MAXIMAL and was a creative partner at Yellow Window. Maxime’s passion lies in the translation of strategy into shape, and creating value as a design guide to entrepreneurs!


Michiel Goethals

Michiel Goethals (°1981) is a designer and co-founder of design agency/atelier GRiNT. After training as a graphic designer/illustration, he returned to his first love: the spatial plane. As an autodidact, he transformed himself into an interior designer and designer of products and objects. He makes designs for Serax and he designs and makes objects in small, exclusive series with his agency GRiNT. Always passionate about innovation, Michiel combines modern techniques with real crafts. This always results in unique designs with an eye for aesthetics, detail and recognizability.


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